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Update 1.30 - 5E Carbine | Unreal Engine - Weapon

Update - June 2024

Continuous Updates: I've recently made several significant updates to my asset available in the store. I will continue to add new parts and features to ensure it remains current and valuable.

New Pricing Strategy: I understand that the cumulative cost can become high for those who want just one version of the weapon. Therefore, I've decided to transform this asset into an exclusive collection of AR15 models. The "Modular Assault Rifle Collection - M4/5E" will include all variants that fit the base body of the package, allowing for continuous expansions.

Options for Specific Needs: For those looking for specific versions without the need for modularity, I will launch individual products of the 5E Carbine. After the launch of the 9TD pistol, I plan to add four new versions to our catalog, each at a more affordable price and optimized, reflecting the non-modular nature of these products.

New Details and Features:

  • Classic and Modern Styles: I've added a classic version of the 5E with an iron sight system and a new handguard, as well as a version with more modern sights.

Iron Edge 5E Carbine Asset UE
Iron Edge 5E Carbine Asset UE

  • Rifle Master BP Update: Due to the new sighting system with the front part fixed on the barrel (and not on the handguard), I had to update the rifle's master BP. This change allows the dropdown menu to accept this modification, compatible only with three of the barrels due to their size.

Iron Edge 5E Carbine Asset UE

  • New Detailed Barrels: I've introduced four new barrel sizes, all rich in detail.

  • Technical Improvements: All barrels now include a new socket for firing, named "Fire", and the body of the gun has been updated with a new ejection socket named "CapsuleEjection".

Your Support Fuels My Work: A Heartfelt Thanks from Me to You

Thank you to everyone who has purchased this asset. I am committed to continuing to develop more weapons and always delivering high-quality assets to help developers save time. Please consider leaving a review on the store; your feedback not only helps improve the product but also boosts sales, allowing me to dedicate even more effort to creating innovative weaponry. Your support makes all the difference!

Sincerely, Alis A.


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