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Introducing the AAA-Quality 5E Carbine in UE5!

​AAA Quality

Quality is more than a standard; it's a commitment. Every texture, every detail of the model is meticulously refined to meet and exceed the highest standards in the realm of 3D models for gaming. Experience excellence in every Iron Edge creation and elevate the standard of your gaming projects to a superior level.

YT_DEMO_IronEdge_5E_A2 - Animated.gif


Each model is precisely rigged, ensuring authentic and realistic movement for your gaming projects. The careful attention to detail in the rigging process ensures a unique experience.

Real Equipment

At Iron Edge, we enhance authenticity by using real equipment data, such as licensed firearms and Airsoft GBB, in our creations. Each model undergoes rigorous testing, resulting in movement, textures, and details that faithfully reproduce reality, providing a unique experience.


8K Textures

In our meticulous approach to texture creation, we use real-world models as a foundation, meticulously examining material micro-details, reflections under various lighting conditions, color variations, and even wear patterns that tell a unique story. This commitment to authenticity is reflected in our 4K and 8K textures, elevating the visual quality of your gaming project to a new level of realism and sophistication.

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