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Asset Gas Station Unreal Engine

Six Sides is a Brazilian studio, which was born aiming to bring knowledge in a simple and practical way, for the best possible use of those who apply it.

We are on more than one side of 3D creation, we have three pillars of action, namely, knowledge, development tools and entertainment.

Remembering that creating environments is our Main Campaign.

Pressing Play with a focus on delivering knowledge through the blog and YouTube, Six Sides will expand to produce design and game  assets.

The studio respects the complexity and seriousness of the grandiose process of creating digital games, without unrealistic promises of creating engines, or of creating a game from scratch that is sellable and of quality, in short deadlines.


Six Sides does not teach magic formulas, we believe that the best skill to do a good job is a lot of dedication, study and many hours sitting in front of a monitor, accompanied by endless mugs of hot coffee.

We appreciate your contact!

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