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Tips For Beginners #01

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Do you analyze the games you play? Whether you are a gamer or not, you can use this library of products as a study, not just as a research, but as a practical study, playing in order to analyze all possible aspects, or as something more specific where you have doubts. Remembering that this work is deduction, you will rarely have evidence to confirm a theory.

Use the games as a comparison of where you want to go. Like this? Let's assume that your career goal, or simply your study of the week, is focused on stylized art, separate the biggest titles in the stylized graphic category and use them not only as a reference, but as a goal.

Let's go with Firewatch, by the way, I've played it and it's very good! Download it to play and analyze your environment and details in objects, how they are painted, shapes and placement in the scenario.

Take note! Take screenshots to mark your interests, mark the image, create topics, in short, anything you find, write it down! If you find it difficult to write something down at first, don't worry, it's normal, and it's important to use the game as a reference for an art and/or comparison of your work, so you'll know what you're looking for.

Firewatch is a game developed by Campo Santo and can be purchased for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch.


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